Canada in Space

Canada working with Europe and Russia to explore Mars from orbit

ExoMars - Artist’s impression of Schiaparelli separating from Trace Gas Orbiter. Credit: European Space Agency  Why are Earthlings so obsessed with Mars? They want to know whether life existed on Mars some time in the past or whether life might still exist on Mars! Of...

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CASTOR: a Beaver or a Canadian Space Telescope?

A team of Canadian astronomers and engineers has developed a bold new concept for a Canadian flagship space telescope: CASTOR, the Cosmological Advanced Survey Telescope for Optical and ultraviolet Research. CASTOR’s name pays tribute to Canada’s national animal, the...

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Hola, OLA! Canada’s contribution to the OSIRIS-REx mission

Have you ever wanted to shoot lasers in space? Do you know that Canadians are doing that right now? OSIRIS-REx is a NASA-led mission that launched on September 8, 2016 and has traveled to a Near-Earth Object called Bennu, which is thought to have formed over 4.5...

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