The Space Matters initiative aims to create a national learning ecosystem that unites educators across Canada. Our vision is that the space community can support a strong science culture in Canada, through a networked learning ecosystem that could empower anyone to be a 21st-century learner and global problem solver, and help accelerate innovation, productivity, inclusion, and entrepreneurship.

A major focus of Space Matters is to design and connect space-themed STEM learning opportunities to reflect the reality of young people’s lives: learning not just in school but out-of-school, online, at home and in daily life.

This Educators section of the Space Matters website is continually updated so please check back often! As well as developing and sharing our own new inquiry-based activities, we invite all educators to share with us their space-themed resources – contact us at . After a successful pilot in 2019, we are proud to announce the 2020 Summer Institute for Space Educators will run August 5 to 7. Check out the Summer Institute page here.

We hope to run the Space Educators Institute again in 2023…

Take your students on a  learning adventure with these space-based lessons and activities!

Each has been tried and tested by educational experts in our community.