Canada in Space

Here’s to a shaky 2019 on Mars! InSight on the red planet

Lander and rover missions, combined with exquisite satellite images have revealed much about the surface of Mars. But what about the ~3400 km of rock and metal that lies between the surface and the planet’s center? We know very little about the deep interior, yet it...

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In today’s world everyone is just a phone call, email, or text away. We can have on-screen face-to-face conversations with loved ones around the world, share photos and videos to social media instantly, or conduct meetings with international business partners without...

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Canada’s beginnings in space

  During the mid-20th century, the race to space was in high gear. After years of preparation the first nations made it to the finish line. Following the Soviet Union and the United States, Canadians celebrated a proud moment in history after successfully launching...

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